What we do?
If you are reading this, the chances are that you already understand and appreciate many of the benefits that recruitment and outsourcing can bring – external experts managing the recruitment process, better use of sources of talent, more effective targeting, the reduction in time to, and cost of hire, and the saving of core management resources. But as pressures on HR to deliver more value increases, recruitment outsourcing has had to move to a new, even more effective level – strategic talent management aligned to an organisation’s business strategy.

This next generation of recruitment outsourcing calls for a genuine partnership between provider and client which addresses both efficiency and effectiveness. A partnership that focuses not just on the acquisition of talent but on its planning, engagement, development and retention. A partnership that offers measurable increases in productivity, clarity and business performance. A partnership with Your Link

Whatever the state of the market or the economy, McKinsey & Co's 'war for talent'
- the struggle for those individuals who can make a direct impact on an organisation's bottom line - goes on.

Your Link works with clients to develop a strategic approach to recruitment which will give them a measurable competitive advantage over their competitors. We do this through a wide range of tools and practices including:

Workforce planning - Too much recruitment still takes place against unrealistic deadlines. Your Link works with HR and line management to ensure maximum buy-in to strategic workforce planning. The result - longer lead times, allowing for better targeting of the right individuals and more effective hiring.

Segmentation and ‘narrow casting’ - Understanding exactly who the right candidate is and what motivates them in their careers allows for pinpoint targeting through advertising, networking, PR and search, demonstrably lowering the overall cost per hire.

Talent pooling - The best talent, particularly at senior levels or in highly specialist areas, can be especially difficult to find and attract. Your Link can help to solve this problem by developing constant contact programmes which make direct approaches easier and more effective when a specific role arises.

Performance based assessment and selection - Despite the increasing use of competency based interviewing, many hiring decisions are still based on ‘gut reaction’. We work with organisations to ensure that recruitment is based, as much as possible, on a direct match between the business’ needs and the abilities, experience and goals of the individual candidate.

Offer management
 - Your Link closely manages all aspects of the offer and acceptance process to ensure a successful outcome for both parties.
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